Wickliffe Family Law and Criminal Defense Attorney

Wickliffe attorney John Shryock provides his Lake County area clients with the benefit of three decades of experience in family law and criminal defense. His experience brings his clients positive results, and his personal attention to each case makes them feel at ease. Each person who hires Mr. Shryock receives ongoing support and constant updates. His clients never feel left out of the process.

Divorce Attorney in Lake County

Mr. Shryock has the experience to know how contentious some family law cases can be. Even cases that don’t involve the end of a relationship like adoption issues, emotions can run high. There is a great deal at stake. Of course, an experienced family law attorney like Mr. Shryock works with his clients with this in mind, exercising the kind of compassion that makes his clients comfortable. John Shryock listens to his clients’ needs, and then examines the facts of the situation before relaying the options and suggesting a strategy. In a divorce in Ohio, Mr. Shryock can advise whether to seek a no-fault divorce or whether to use fault grounds.

Child Custody Lawyer in Ohio

Often in divorces involving children, the parents may be thinking of custody as a zero-sum battle where one parent “wins” and one “loses.” Today in Ohio, the law uses different terminology, “allocation of parental rights and responsibilities.” Mr. Shryock approaches custody matters with this in mind, putting the best interest of the child first and foremost, attempting to help parents come to an agreement about shared parenting responsibilities if possible.

Drunk Driving Lawyer in Wickliffe

An OVI conviction can cost more than simply a fine and perhaps a night in jail. A conviction can cost first-time offenders their driving privileges. They may be under the constant suspicion by police if ordered to install the yellow license plates. If the conviction is a second or third offense, the legal jeopardy only increases. John Shryock will do all the law allows in mounting a vigorous defense to prevent a mistake in judgement from having long-term consequences. Mr. Shryock will take a hard look at the procedure from the initial contact with law enforcement to the arrest. He will examine their conduct, the equipment they used and look for any mitigating factor that may have caused a false positive in their test.

If you need a divorce, custody or drunk driving lawyer in Wickliffe or Lake County, call John Shryock today.

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