Practice Areas

Family Law

Family law can be emotionally charged. The best lawyers help their clients stay calm so that they can make the right decisions about their cases. At John Shryock Co. L.P.A., our clients can put their emotions aside because we give them extensive support throughout their cases. We are exceptionally detail-oriented. From the moment you talk with us, we'll begin helping you understand the process and your legal options. Together, we'll build a strategy for obtaining the best possible results in your family law matter.

Criminal Defense

Facing a criminal charge can be a frightening experience. Many people who are charged with a crime, especially first-time drunk driving offenses, often decide to simply go to court and admit guilt, fearing the length and complexity of the process as well as the anticipated high cost of a lawyer.

Business Law

Contracts are the foundation of modern life and affect businesses and individuals equally. Whether you are buying a car, a home, purchasing spare parts or selling product, everyone wants a good contract, but the question is, what makes a contract good. Contracts are about setting boundaries and managing expectations. Every contract is different because the needs and the priorities of the people entering into the contract are different each time.

Civil Law

The marketplace is controlled by agreements. When the terms of a contract are violated, all elements of the transaction are put at risk. At John Shryock Co. L.P.A., we recognize that broken contracts can mean lost profit and can even put a halt on important projects. Focusing on preserving our clients' interests in contract disputes, we provide skilled representation to businesses and individuals in the greater Cleveland area and throughout Northeast Ohio.

Probate Court Wills & Trusts

What will happen to your family and your estate after you die? No one enjoys thinking about this, but it is an important question. If you die without leaving a will, trust or other estate plan , your family will not know your final wishes. They will also be faced with the unpleasant process of dealing with your estate in probate. John Shryock Co. L.P.A. provides estate planning assistance to people in the Cleveland area. Our attorneys can help you plan for the future and save your family some of the time and expense of probate. Please call our Lake County office at 440-944-7020 to schedule an appointment.

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