Wickliffe Drunk Driving / OVI

In Ohio Drunk driving is referred to as OVI. Many people when facing an OVI or drunk driving charge think that there is nothing to do but plead guilty and hope for the best. What they do not know is that the consequences from a drunk driving conviction may go far beyond the initial criminal case.

In Ohio, any drunk driving conviction after the first offense can lead in charges of increasing seriousness, even felonies. A court can order an offender to have restricted plates put on their car, to have an ignition restrictor put on their car, to attend expensive counseling sessions, and to loose their right to drive. Higher insurance rates, fines and court costs, and possible job problems can also result form a simple drunk driving conviction.

In many cases there are things a competent attorney can do to help avoid, or at least lessen the punishments and negative outcomes associated with an OVI/drunk driving charge. The first thing you need to know is that the evidence can be challenged, including the officer’s right to stop you, to test you, and even the results of your test and the machine it was done on. To have the best chance for a successful outcome, you need a lawyer who knows the law and knows your rights.

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