Allocation of Parental Rights

Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities
Child Custody & Visitation

In a divorce or dissolution of marriage important questions arise concerning the children. What should happen to the children? Where should they live? Who should make decisions for their care and well-being? How should their time be shared between the parents?

Children can often be the victim of a divorce. Their view of world is that of an intact family, mother, father and siblings. Their view is totally upset by one parent leaving the home. In most cases it is the most difficult issue that children may face. It is vitally important that parents and lawyers pay particular concern to the needs of these innocent children.

It is important that decision making for the children is addressed. Can divorcing parents make child care decision together or must one be designated that responsibility exclusively. If the parties can cooperate and make joint decisions perhaps a Shared Parenting Plan is in order.

It is important that a parenting time schedule be established governing where the children will reside at any given time. The schedule must cover holidays and days of special meaning, vacation periods from school and the summer vacation.
We pay specific attention to these important issues when we represent divorcing and separating parents, parents who have never been married, and individuals seeking custody when parents have been convicted of abuse in child custody cases. In preparing parenting plans and visitation plans, our primary concern is the best interest of the children.

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