Child Support

Children need the financial support of both of their parents. The Ohio Child Support Guidelines are designed to provide children with the appropriate amount of support from both parents. The calculation of child support is based upon the incomes of the parties. A correct calculation requires not only accurate information but a working knowledge of how to apply the information. New requirements imposed by health insurance concerns make an accurate calculation even more difficult. John W. Shryock has over 35 years of experience working with child support issues. He is uniquely able to guide you through the support process.

Times change and so do the issues surrounding children and their support. Financial issues after a divorce or initial custody arrangement. Parents’ incomes may increase or in these troubled economic times may decrease. A parent’s obligation to support a child must be determined according to the current financial condition of the parents. The law allows for modifications to meet these changes in the circumstances of a child. John W. Shryock understands these changing situations and how they affect custody and child support.

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